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RentThePower - The Company

Strong products and operational flexibility

Taking into account the market development of recent years, RentThePower was founded as a legally independent subsidiary in 2003 of KIPPHARDT GMBH, which has itself been operating successfully in the construction machinery industry for more than 60 years.

The essential business objective of RentThePower is to meet the requirements of today's construction sites by providing technically advanced, but still robust and easy to operate machinery and equipment from the best manufacturers from all over the world.

Alongside the range of always mint condition products with the latest accessories and tools required by the market, RentThePower differs from its many competitors by the fact that customers may, at any time, purchase any of the rental machinery.

Both machine quality and condition as well as particular operational flexibility form the basis of the strategy that has resulted in above average expansion of RentThePower.

RentThePower - guarantor for all that the professional requires on a construction site.